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7 Day Challenge

Included with any Healthy Workshop booking is our great fun, interactive online quiz to follow up the teaching from the hands on healthy workshops and provide a sustainable tool to continue the teaching after our visit.

As pupils log their activities throughout a 7 day period and answer questions about healthy living, fun characters reveal facts and tips, teaching children computer skills as well as covering much of the curriculum for PSHE and healthy living.

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Click on the links below to try out a demo of the healthy challenge.
The full version for each level has 5 questions a day for 7 days. We hope you enjoy it!


Personalised certificate

When the challenge has been completed, each pupil can print out a personalised certificate, showing a ‘health score’ and a ‘brain score’.

Everyone’s included

The whole family can take part, getting the messages into the home, which we know is key for change to take place. Reporting back – At the end of the term, a customised report is available for your school with quantitative data results from the challenge, an invaluable resource for monitoring and evaluation purposes, planning interventions and provides data for teachers, senior leaders and governors to use to measure impact. (Please contact us to request your school report) Click here to download an example of a school report.

Safety on the Internet

To log into the challenge, children set up their own individual username and password, which can be anything they choose and they can use a nickname or first name to appear on their certificate. We do not ask for any email addresses or other personal information and the system is refreshed each term and any login details deleted.