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Lesson Plans & Resources

Here you’ll find a wealth of information to help support teachers and parents alike in educating children to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Read on for some useful lesson plans, educational games and resources, interesting articles and links to other websites that may be of use.

Lesson Plans

We know how hard a teacher’s job is and we’re passionate about children learning to live healthy lifestyles early on. So, we want to help make your life a little easier by providing some ready-made lesson plans with resources that you can simply print out and use for your class to help teach about healthy living. Free lesson plans simply click and print.

Educational Resources

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Catch a Rainbow Every Day Poster


Eat your colours every day to stay healthy and fit! 18" x 24"

Code: WA23554


Nutrition Facts Toss-Up


A fun-tastic way for students to learn nutrition facts. This 15" inflatable ball challenges players with 60 questions. Pass the ball amongst the class, pupils answer the questions on which their left thumb lands. Answer sheet included.

Code: WA22011


Fruit & Veg Sparkle Stickers


Stickers make great rewards and incentives. Each package contains 36 Veggie Friends & 32 Festive Fruit stickers.

Code: WA20470


Snack Attack Poster Set


Set of two laminated posters that encourage healthier snack options choices. 8½" x 24"

Code: A21444


Fruit & Vegetable Wallpaper Border Set


Decorate your classroom with these 12 colourful fruit borders. (2¼" x 39")

Code: WA20810


Eat Breakfast Poster Set


Set of two posters that explain the importance of breakfast. 8½" x 24"

Code: WA22606


Fruit & Veg Posters


A quick and Colourful reference. These cost effective, 17" x 22" food charts explain what a fruit or vegetable is. Each poster includes four reproducible activities on the back.

Code: WA22202


Water a day poster


Entertaining poster that reminds children to drink 8 glasses of water a day 18" x 24".

Code: WA23938


Nutrition Picture Toss Up Ball


This 15" diameter inflatable ball includes instructions for several different fun educational activities. Helps kids identify 35 foods they may not be familiar with and the benefits of these foods to our bodies.

Code: WA24179


Dancing Heart Poster + reproducible Handout set


Colourful 14" x 20" dancing heart poster stresses the importance of fruits & vegetables. Includes 3 reproducible handouts & recipes, the benefits of fruits & vegetables and tips for consuming more.

Code: WA22131


Vegetables & Fruits Poster cards


KS1-Children use 30 colourful cards (11" x 14") to identify common fruits and vegetables, recognize their names and learn the plants they come from.

Code: SB22993


Fitness Dice


Pair of 4" x 4" dice – One die has fitness and exercise directions and the other has numbers. Exercises include, toe touch, arm curls, jumping jacks, leg lifts and more.

Code: PE01241


Nutricise CD - Ages 3-7


A happy blend of active learning songs and nutritional information, at a level young children can understand. Cheerfully imparts the elements of a healthy diet including the importance of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Code: WA25963


Good Morning Exercises CD - Ages 3-8


Start the day a great way with clapping, skipping,stretching, and sit-ups! Exercises are short, simple, and fun. Songs include: Red, Red Robin; Zippity Doo Dah; Oh, What a Beautiful Morning; and more.

Code: SB15658


Nutrition Chart


This colourful named chart includes 35 re-usable stickers that help children get their 5 – a day from each rainbow food group. Also learning the names and colours of many fruits and vegetables.

Code: RFAC11


Natural First Aid Remedies Chart


Some really effective natural or traditional remedies for common everyday complaints. 7″ x 35″



Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart


Environmentally friendly approaches to cleaning – using less toxic and often much less packaged and expensive alternatives to commercial cleaning products. 7″ x 35″

Code: NCSC1

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Useful Links

Below are some websites and resources that we think might be useful:*
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