7 Day Online Healthy Challenge

 The A-life Challenge was phenomenal, I learnt lots, now I will take the facts from this & use it in reality to help me. –Child from, Newton Farm School

I think that the 7 day healthy challenge is really good because it keeps you on track of things like how much you drink and sleep and it also tells you lost of interesting facts that I didn’t know. – Child from, Willingham Primary School

I loved the challenge it made me see how important it is to keep healthy. – Child from, Elsley Primary School

This is the second time I have done this challenge and this time I am going to make sure I keep up the amount of exercise I do and try and have 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables every day. – Child from, East Wittering Primary School

I think the A-life challenge is great as that’s partly why I started all over again. I want to beat my last score. – Child from, Redehall Prep School

The 7 day Online Healthy Challenge

Uniquely-designed, A-life’s 7 Day Online Healthy Challenge is an interactive health quiz that is both great fun and educational, maintaining and fostering children’s interest in what they have learnt during the A-life healthy school day. As pupils log their activities throughout the week and answer questions (5 questions a day) about healthy living, fun characters reveal facts and tips, teaching children computer skills as well as covering much of the curriculum for PSHE and healthy living. When the challenge has been completed, each pupil can print out a personalised certificate, showing a ‘health score’ and a ‘brain score’. Results are provided back to the school for monitoring and evaluation purposes, letting you set targets for improvement and see real results.


Try it out

Click on the links below to try out a demo of the healthy challenge. There are 2 different levels (KS1 and KS2) and the full version for each level has 5 questions a day for 7 days. We hope you enjoy it!


When would we do the challenge?

All children that take part in a healthy workshop and fitness session will be entitled to enter the challenge for free and will be given a school password by the A-life coach (this code will enable children to access their challenge until the start of the new term). Within this time, children can do the challenge as many times as they like, either at home or as part of an ICT lesson. It can be completed daily, weekly or anytime they choose. We are happy for parents and other children in the family to use the healthy challenge too, to see how their healthy habits are going and learn more about their bodies.

What about schools that A-life have not visited?

Schools that do not have A-life in to run a healthy workshop and fitness session, can have access to the challenge for a small fee of £50 a term (a reduced fee is available for schools with less than 120 pupils, please contact us to find out more). At the end of each term, the school password is terminated, however, if your school would like to continue using the challenge, you can simply call us for a new password for the next term.

Safety on the Internet

To log into the challenge, children set up their own individual username and password, which can be anything they choose and they can use a nickname or first name to appear on their certificate. We do not ask for any email addresses or other personal information and the system is refreshed each term and any login details deleted.


Example certificate for the A-life 7 day healthy challenge.

For more e-learning resources visit Education City Online activities for children.


School Report

At the end of the term, we provide each school with a report summary of the day and an analysis of your pupils’ participation & achievement levels in our Online 7-day Healthy Challenge. This allows you to assess the application of what has been learnt on a school-wide level & set targets for improvement where relevant. The report includes: A-life visit details, Online Healthy Challenge results and future recommendations, as well as the raw data from the challenge that shows individual pupils’ achievement levels and comments. Schools find this particularly useful for reporting back to school governors, PTA or for Ofsted inspections.

Click here to download an example of a school report.